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U-Pol Tak Cloths

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U-Pol High Performance Tak Cloths 

There are a couple of ways to use Tak cloths. It all comes down to what paint you are using.

Cellulose Paint: To use a tak cloth on cellulose paint is smiple, use to tak cloth before applying primer, and once the primer is dry before apply the top coat.

Basecoat. To use Tak Cloths with basecoat paints, first use the tak cloth before applying the first coat of basecoat.

They can be used in between each coat of base coat if needed (making sure the base coat is fully dry) Also can be used before the clear coat / Lacquer.

2k Paints/Primers/Lacquers and Clear Coats: To use Tak cloths with 2k paints, primers or lacquers only use before the first coat is applied