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U-POL Dolphin Glaze


U-pol Dolphin Glaze 440ml Inc Hardener

Mixing ratio: 100parts filler to 2parts hardener 

Pot life: 4-5minutes once mixed with hardener at 20c

Sandable after: 15-20 minutes 20c

Dolphin Glaze is a thick liquid and should be mixed in small quantities on a flat non-porous


For optimum results apply the mixed liquid in small quantities to for a thin film

During cure, surface imperfections will flow out to leave a level repair which requires only a

small amount of sanding.

Do not greatly over catalyze the paste as this will not significantly speed up the gel time

and could lead to bleed through and bleaching problems when over painting later. Staining may also

occur where too little hardener is used

Polyester finishing glaze can be used on the following surfaces:

Bare metal e.g. Steel

Degrease and abrade with P80 paper.

Aluminium, Galvanised and Zinc coated substrates

Degrease and abrade with P120 paper. Do not apply over etch primer.

Original paint surfaces (with the exception of thermoplastic acrylics)

Degrease and abrade with P180 grit paper.


Degrease and abrade with P80 grit paper

Add a small

Goggles and a dust mask must be used. Data sheets are available on request.

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