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Poorboys Natty's Paste

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Poorboys Natty's Wax Paste

Using a foam applicator, apply a thin even layer.

It's recommended using a wet your applicator for an smoother application.

Due to Easy on, Easy off formula you can apply the wax and let it haze then immediately wipe away.

or do the whole car first then buff off.

It couldn’t be easier!

Even if you haven’t used Poorboy Natty’s paste before you will get professional-looking, deep shine!

Most waxes advise not to apply in direct sunlight, but Nattys seems to love in the hot, glaring sun.

Once applied give your car the touch test, your car will feel satiny-smooth under your fingertips.

But do remember the life of a Carnauba wax is much shorter than a paint sealant. So we recommend using Natty’s Paste over a paint sealant for maximum longevity and super wet gleam.

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