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Opel Vivaro 2.0CDTi 115 ecoFLEX Combi X83 06-11 Fuel Filter

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How to change a fuel filter. (medium job for a beginner)

1.Relieve the pressure in the fuel line before disconnecting it. To do so, you have to disable the electric fuel pump before you start the engine.

2.To disable the fuel pump, do the following: With the engine off, remove the fuel pump fuse from the fuse box. (Your owner’s booklet or workshop manual should show you where it is and usually it is printed on the fuse box panel.)

3.Start the engine. (in natural and with the hand brake on) It won’t run very long after you start it up, but the pressure in the fuel lines will be reduced.

4.Turn off the engine. With the fuel pump disabled, you’re ready to disconnect the fuel lines from the filter.

5.Look at the old filter and the new one before disconnecting anything.

6.You should see an arrow stamped on both filters that shows in which direction the fuel flows through it. If the new one doesn’t have an arrow on it, look to see in what direction the old filter is installed so that you can tell which end of the new filter goes where.

7.Remove whatever is holding the old filter in place and remove it.

8.Put the new filter on in the same position as the old filter.

9.Replace whatever holds the filter in place, and make sure it’s secure.

10.Replace the fuse for the fuel pump in the fuse box.

11.Start the engine and check for leaks around the filter.

Changing the fuel filter your self could save you up to £50 in labour.

Transpares can not be held responsible for any loss or damage. Please note some cars may require specialist tools this is just a guide if you are unsure seek the advice of a mechanic.