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Mitsubishi Sapporo 2.0 80-89 Spark Plug

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How to change a spark plug

Things you may need; latex gloves, plug spanner, plug socket, ratchet, silicone lubricant

1.Clean the spark plug hole in the cylinder block taking care to wipe all dirt away from the hole so you dont get any dirt in the hole causing blockages

2.Lightly coat the threads of the spark plug with a dab of oil from the oil dipstick making sure you don't get oil on the electrodes.

3.Carefully begin threading the spark plug into the engine by hand turning it clockwise (this is called seating the plug) you do this by hand to prevent starting the plug of crooked which ruins the threads. If you struggle holding the plug use a latex glove as this will give an enhanced grip.

4.Engage the plug by hand, turn the plug at least two full turns before using a spark plug socket or plug spanner.

5.Slip the plug socket over the plug and attach a ratchet then continue turning the plug clockwise until you start feeling resistance. Do not over tighten the plug as you can crack the porcelain casing. You're aiming to get it just tight with no wiggle as the plug should stick a little when you try to loosen it but you should be able to loosen it without straining youself doing so.

6.Examine the plug lead and cable before attaching the boot to the plug, if the cable appears cracked, brittle, frayed or is saturated in oil you should replace the cable. Before attaching the boot over the plug it is reccomended you use a little silicone lube on the inside of the boot to assist in sliding it over the plug before pushing the boot firmly over the exposed terminal of the plug.

7.Repeat these steps for each plug, when you are done start the engine to check everything still works when you are completely satisfied you can get yourself clean and your vehicle is ready to use.

BPR6E Spark Plug -6464

Thread Size / Hex Size: 14 mm (13/16") or 20.8 mm
Construction: Projected Insulator Type
Heat Rating Number: 6
Thread Reach: 19 mm (3/4")

Changing a spark plug yourself can save you a small fortune instead of paying a mechanic labour costs.

Transpares can not be held responsible for any loss or damage. Please note some cars may require specialist tools this is just a guide if you are unsure seek the advice of a mechanic.