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Mercedes C250 2.5D S202 96-01 Oil Filter

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How to change your oil filter (medium job for beginners)

Tools Required:

  1. Jack & axel stands
  2. Gloves
  3. Spanner and Socket set
  4. Oil drainer
  5. Replacement sump plug or washer
  6. Oil filter Ratchet
  7. Replacement oil filter
  8. Funnel
  9. Oil
  10. Blue roll
  11. Spray degreaser 

1. Warm up the engine as warm oil is thinner but be careful for hot components when locate the sump plug which will be under your car. The drain plug is a large nut or plug located under sump at the bottom of the engine. Make sure the vehicle is secure using axle stands as a jack alone is not enough.

2. Push a container under the sump plug. You want this container to catch the oil, so make sure itís big enough.

3. Unscrew the sump plug and be ready to move your hand out of the way. The oil now drains out of your engine into the container.

4. Remove the cap from the oil filler hole at the top of your engine and unscrew the oil filter, using a oil filter ratchet if you canít do it by hand. To unscrew the filter twist it anti clockwise. The filter will have oil in it, so be careful not to spill it when you remove it. If any remnants of the filterís rubber seal remain on your engine be sure to remove that to.

5. Empty the oil from the filter into a drain pan.

6. Open a new bottle of oil and dip a finger into it. Use the oil to moisten the gasket on the top of the new oil filter.

7. Screw the new filter into place. Turn it gently by hand until it "seats" and then give it another three-quarter turn.

8. Wipe around and de-grease the area where the oil drain plug goes. Do this step only after all the oil has drained out.

9. Replace the oil sump plug (you may need to replace the sump plug or copper washer) and use a ratchet to tighten it.

10. Use a funnel to pour new oil into the oil filler hole. Pour slowly to allow the oil time to run down.

11. Replace the oil filler cap and run the engine for 30 to 60 seconds. Check for leaks from the oil drain plug and around the filter.

12. Shut off the engine and wait 5 to 10 minutes for the oil to settle into the sump, and then check the oil level again. Remove the oil dipstick wipe it with a clean with blue roll before replacing it. Pull it out again and check it.

13. Keep adding oil a little at a time. Check the stick after each addition until you reach the "Full" line on the dipstick.

14. Remove the drain pan from under the vehicle and give the car a test drive.

15. Let the oil settle down again for 5 to 10 minutes, then recheck the dipstick. If itís still at "Full," youíre good to go!

Buying the parts and changing your oil filter you self could save you up to £80 on parts and labour.

Dispose of the old oil by taking it to oil-recycling centre or contact the UK oil bank line on 08708 506506. 

Transpares can not be held responsible for any loss or damage. Please note some cars may require specialist tools this is just a guide if you are unsure seek the advice of a mechanic.