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Isopon P38 250ml

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U-POL David's Isopon P38

Mixing ratio: 100parts filler to 2parts hardener 

Pot life: 4-5minutes once mixed with hardener at 20c

Sandable after: 15-20 minutes 20c

U-POL David's Isopon P38 Bodyfiller Can be used on pretty much any surface of a vehicle from bare metal to Glass fibre panels.

Prepare the surface by removing any rust, dirt or grease.

 Next using sand paper or a DA sander rough up the area to add a key to help the filler adhere.

This is a 2 component filler. Mix 100parts filler to 2parts hardener (Golf Ball of filler to a Pea of hardener)

Once mixed you have a round 4-5minutes to apply the filler before it starts to set.

Try apply the filler as smooth as you can as the will save time when sanding.

If the dent or hole is quite deep you may need to apply 2 or even 3 coats to build up the layers.

Within 15-20 minutes the filler will be dry enough to sand.

For best results do not use anything less then an 80grit for shaping and smoothing the filler

Goggles and a dust mask must be used. Data sheets are available on request.