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Ford Focus 1.4 MK1 98-05 Ignition Leads

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How to change your plug leads

Tools you may need; Plug lead removal tool, screw driver

1.Open and prop open your bonnet, the bonnet opening latch is usually located to the lower right hand side of your steering wheel or on the lower left on the passanger side of the dash board in many french built vehicles.

2. Locate your ignition leads these usually run near the valve covers at the top of the engine block on most vehicles. One end will be attached to the spark plug the other will be attached to a distributor or igniton coil.

3.Once located take not of the length and location of each wire as it will be necessary to replace the wires with the same length wires in the same location as using the wrong length wire will cause your engine to misfire or run poorly.

4.Use a ignition lead removal tool to unplug each wire then install the new wires carefully making sure you attach them firmly to each plug.

5.Run engine this should sound and run smoothly, when you are completely happy you can turn the engine of and close the bonnet.


Cable Length(mm); L1: 115, L2: 155, L3: 295, L4: 345

No of Leads; 4

Part Info Cable Dia.: 8.00mm

Coil Fitment: Coupling Type M4

Cable Fitment: Coupling Type SAE

Cable Type: Resistive

Transpares can not be held responsible for any loss or damage. Please note some cars may require specialist tools this is just a guide if you are unsure seek the advice of a mechanic.