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Bosch Super Plus 21Inch Wiper Blade

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How to change a wiper blade (easy job even for beginners)

No tools required.

First lift the wiper arm from the windscreen until fully extended.

Then holding the arm tight in one hand pull the wiper blade in a downward motion with the other hand (some clips may have a small retaining clip on the wiper clip which needs to be pushed for the wiper to be removed).

Once removed place the wiper carefully down ensuring it gently rests against the windscreen.

After removing the wiper from the packet lift the arm again into the vertical position, place the wiper clip so the longer part is facing the rubber, then place over the wiper arm keeping in an almost horizontal position and gently push the wiper adaptor into the curved part at the top of the arm.

Rest against the windscreen again, then spray out some screen wash from the washer jets checking the wiper runs smooth and doesn't catch anywhere in its arc.