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7.5AMP Micro Blade Fuses

High Quality Car & Van Fuses Free & Fast delivery. Uk dispatch! 7.5AMP Mini Blade Fuse | fuses | 7.55AMP | Blade | Car and Van Fuses | Fuse | Standard blade fuse | pwn860| Transpares

Micro Blade Fuses.

High quality automotive fuses supplied by Transpares, are the perfect solution for all vehicles.

Our fuses are dispatch from our UK based warehouse and are of the highest quality.

Free Delivery

  photo product_zpsfbebb544.jpg

Mini Automotive Fuse

Remove old fuse with the fuse removal tool.

To check your fuse couldn't be easier.

There is a window in which you can see a small part of the fuse wire. If the wire is in one part (like the 1st picture below) then the fuse is in working order.

If the wire has a break in it (like the 2nd picture below) then the fuse will need replacing

 photo fusesgoodandbad_zps18d028dc.jpg


When replacing the fuse please make sure the electric system is switched off.

Only replace fuses with the recommended amp's.