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Maypole 4000kg Tow Rope 4m

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4000kg Tow Rope

Displaying an 'On Tow' sign at the rear of the vehicle being towed is a must when towing.

Attach tow rope to the towing points on each vehicle if unsure please this is refer to owners manual

All Transpares tow ropes are supplied with an 'On Tow' sign that you can use.

Do not use a damaged tow rope or towing pole.

A safety inspection of your tow rope is recommended.

On the vehicle being towed leave the ignition in the "on" positions which will enable to brake lights and indicators to be scene from the rear.

Please note most model vehicles have power steering and/or power-assisted brakes this may require more strength and effort to operate when being towed when the engine is off.

Keeping your speed down will give the towed vehicle more time to react to what is happening.

When it comes to braking there are two ways in which to signal to the vehicle being towed.

The aim is to have the towed vehicle do the braking which will keep the rope tight

1: Hand signals are a great way to let the towed vehicle know when to brake. But be make sure both the low car and the towed car drives know the signals before entering on the road. It is also best leave plenty of space and time to make the decision.

 2: Is lightly press the brake pedal this will illuminates your brake lights and gives a signal to the driver of the towed car to brake.

When towing try pull away gently whilst leaving plenty of room and avoid any sudden braking.

Indicate in advance of any manoeuvre, to forewarn the driver being towed and all other traffic.

Steer and brake the towed vehicle in coordination with the vehicle that is towing.

Please Note Transpares  can not take responsibility for accidents or injury when towing.