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How to find your Alfa Romeo colour code


Looking for your Alfa Romeo's Colour code can be a task in its own right. Here is a little bit of insider help so you can locate your colour code and purchase the correct colour for your vehicle.


Your Alfa Romeo colour code will be on the under side of the bonnet or boot lid.

The code is on a silver "ppg" sticker and is made up of 3 numbers or 3 numbers and 1 letter. or 2 Letters 3 Numbers followed by 1 or 2 Letters in some occasions.


Found your code?

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Here is a list of Alfa Romeo colour codes you can refer back to.

Alfa Romeo AR114A Aurora Nuvola

Alfa Romeo AR122 Rosso Pompieri

Alfa Romeo AR130 Rosso Alfa

Alfa Romeo AR130 AS Rosso Alfa

Alfa Romeo AR134A Bordeaux

Alfa Romeo AR146 Bordeaux Chiaro

Alfa Romeo AR146 AS Rosso Bordeaux

Alfa Romeo AR164a Prugna Scuro

Alfa Romeo AR167A Rosso Miro

Alfa Romeo Ar179 Rosso Winner